DomainLeads crawls the entire internet and organizes the data into structured fields.

Unlike other services that search just the domain, DomainLeads searches the content of the home page for keywords that match your criteria.

Searching web site content, instead of just looking at the domain, ensures that you are matched with businesses that match your keywords, instead of parked or placeholder domains that have no content.


When you search on DomainLeads, you are searching the web site title, meta description and meta keywords of millions of home pages. Home pages are the starting points of every web site and contain useful information about the web site's business and purpose.

A basic search will match the keywords you specify anywhere within the site title, meta description or meta keywords.

In other words, if you search for "ice cream shop", the words "ice","cream" and "shop" will be matched in any order within any of the fields we search. Web sites that contain "ice melting shop with cream" will be matched because the words can appear in any order.

If you want to preserve the order of the keywords you are searching for, select the strict matching option right below the search box. Enabling strict matching forces DomainLeads to only find matches that match your exact keywords in the order you provided.

Getting More Results

Keywords you enter on DomainLeads will always be matched exactly as you provided them, unless you specify otherwise.

For example, if you search for "ice cream shop" then only web sites that contain those exact keywords will be shown. Web sites that contain the word "shops", shoppe" or "shopping" in their title, meta description or meta keywords will be excluded because they do not match "shop" exactly.

To match all words that start with shop and end with anything else, add a "*" after "shop", so your search would be "ice cream shop*". Adding a * at the end of a word tells the search engine to include the word and anything that comes after it.

Filtering Results

DomainLeads supports filtering any of the 20+ core data points to narrow down exactly what you're looking for.

You can search for ice cream shop* and specify Chicago as city in the filter. You can also specify that web site language should be "English" and emails should contain ""

Click on the funnel icon in the search box to toggle filters. When a filter is active the funnel icon changes colors to reflect that.

Exporting Results

You can export results to CSV at any time by clicking the Export button.

The maximum number of records that will export is determined by your account level (ex: Novice, Intermediate, Expert), so if you are not seeing complete results in your CSV file you can either upgrade your account or filter down your results.

EstiBot Customers

DomainLeads was created for EstiBot subscribers and requires an active EstiBot account.

To get instant access to DomainLeads please click on the register button at the top of the page to register for any level EstiBot plan.

If you are already an active EstiBot customer, you can login to your account from within DomainLeads or you can click on on the "One Click Authentication" link on the Account Settings page on EstiBot.


If you need help with DomainLeads, have a suggestion or want to get in touch with us please open up a support ticket on